The Latest fashion from the Park

Photo by Bravotv

Looking for something a little different for you and your hound, or perhaps something just that bit more stylish than the average pup wear?

Here is a list of some of the best options out there.

Urban Pup

Design your own dog collar

Urban Pup specialises in glamour for hounds. Fashion, collars, leads, harnesses and you can even design your own!

The Dog version of Vogue

DOGUE is Australia’s chain of high end store boutiques especially for Dogs. Stocking the likes of Hamish McBeth wool jumpers and all the haute couture of the Human fashion mag ‘Vogue’. Say no more darlings.

PJ's to pooches

Australian fashion designer Peter Alexander is the founder the namesake sleepwear brand. Peter has successfully grown his business form a single man operation to an internationally recognised brand name. Peter Alexander Sleepwear is known for a fun and fashionable offering and nearly always you will see a range of dog art on his pyjamas, loungewear and giftware for us Humans.

The great news is he now does this for our beloved Hounds! A special range of gorgeous designs that our dogs can wear too.

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