Life’s a Beach for these Surf and Skate Dogs

Dogs are so ingrained in our lives these days that they are now competing in the sports we love too. It’s not taken lightly either, big brands like Purina are putting on events such as this IDC (Incredible Dog Challenge) that are drawing both the competitors and the crowds and they aren’t messing about. These surf dogs are judged on Length of the ride, Size of the wave, Confidence and their Style! All the while professional commentators and film crews are there too.

Turbo the Rescue Dog turns Pro Surfer

What we love best about this comp is Turbo, the rescue dog. He was malnourished, covered in parasites and afraid of the world when he was adopted by his surfing family and look at him now! He’s known for his signature on-board move appropriately named the ‘down dog’.


Otto the Skateboarding Bulldog sets Guinness World Record

Here’s another dog legend. Attracting over 3Million views on Youtube this popular 3yr old guy named ‘Otto’ broke the record for gliding through the legs of 30 people, setting a record for the Longest human tunnel travelled through by a skateboarding dog

This was achieved in his home town of Lima, Peru.

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