Wife leaving husband spurs famous dog art

When Brazilian illustrator Rafael Mantesso divorced with his ex-wife, she took all of the furniture with her, leaving behind an empty house with white walls. All he had was Jimmy Choo, his bull terrier. Mantesso started painting and drawing again, which is when his buddy Jimmy lent him a paw by posing for some silly illustrations.

“Although it’s really messy when I’m photographing him, he obeys me.”


Mantesso creates the illustrations and then gets Jimmy to pose for them with a simple “Stay” command.

Read on for more from his interview with Bored Panda!

Mantesso’s amazing illustration skills along with Jimmy’s very obliging personality ended up making the pair famous including a TV commercial for Jimmy and TV appearances for them both.

See more publicity achievements here.

Or for more amazing drawings by artist,  Rafael Mantessosee see here at:  Jimmy the Bull

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