Uber Puppies


Puppy cuddles to Australian Cities

Uber teamed up with the Purina Pets at Work mission, and local animal shelters, to bring UberPUPPIES to 8 cities in Australia, including Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, Sunshine Coast and Sydney.


Abandoned puppies at Christmas

As part of the #UberPuppies drive, the ride-hailing app will let users request 15 minutes of playtime with puppies which will be delivered straight to their door.


Cuddles raising American dollars

Uber users were able to  request a 15-minute puppy cuddle and then have the dogs delivered by an Uber driver! The service only costed $30 and the money went directly to the Arizona Humane Society.

Cuddles were even delivered to the Superbowl!!

Yes, you read that right – taxi operator Uber is also providing puppies on demand to satisfy its punters’ cuddling needs during Super Bowl week.

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