The airline flying your dog in the seat next to you

Photo: TAM airlines

Gone are the days of your hound having having to fly in a carrier cage and stuck under the plane somewhere pining for you, or you for them.

TAM airlines will accept small dogs and cats for travel in the cabin of the aircraft on both regional and international flights.

Smaller dogs win out here as any pooches exceeding the weight limit (10kg) or size space limit (Lenght 36cm x Width 33cm x Height 25cm) will still need to fly as checked baggage or freight cargo.

So put your pooch on a diet if need be, book him a seat and set about how to get his paws hitting the cabin crew assist button.

TAM airlines services specific global routes and other details do apply, so if you and your hound need to fly, you can find more information here:

I must be under 10kg. I must!

Photo: TAM airlines

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