Yoga Dogs Clendar


TEXAS, USA: Bobby, one of dogs from the Yoga Dogs calendar.

A golden retriever holding firm in the classic warrior pose and a Chihuahua chilling out in the pendant position are just some examples for this hilarious Yoga Dogs calendar. Created firmly with tongue in cheek by Texan couple Dan and Alejandra Borris, the canine calendar is raising smiles on both sides of the Atlantic. But if you hadn’t guessed, professional photographer Dan has leaned heavily on photoshop to create these howling good fun pics. Relying on his wife Alejandra, a former yoga teacher and now animal practioner, to get the dogs in as close to position as possible, Dan then photographs the dogs before making adjustments in photoshop. Creating up to 26 images for his 2009 and now 2010 calendar, further examples of the hilarious collection can be seen at:


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